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I absolutely love these boots. They are simple, classic, and downright sexy. They can be dressed up or down, they’re comfortable to wear, and they look great with anything from jeans to skirts and leggings. The only problem is that they are expensive in 027 PPT. $240 bucks for a pair of high-heeled boots? Not cheap… but when you consider the quality of them, the cost is worth it. I usually buy my shoes pair at a time so that I have plenty of stock in case I ever want to replace them again. So far these have been my favorite pair of shoes so far this year! Read more

Build Quality

This is the first shoe that I have owned and even though it is a few years old, it still looks great. The design isn’t amazing, but it keeps me from looking like an old man, which is what I really want. The materials used are great, the shoe is made of real leather, and it has excellent traction. The last thing I love about this shoe is that it is adjustable. You can wear it high or low, wide or off-the-shoe, and it will still stay put. What’s not to love about this shoe?

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## Comfy To Wear

This is another shoe that I have purchased for my 21 year old daughter and have loved ever since. It is so comfy to wear that she calls it her “mom” shoe. It is also easy to clean and dries quickly so it is great for camping too. If you are looking for a pair of comfortable shoes, this is the one!

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## Good Protection Against Water and Snow

This pair of moccasins are by far my favorite Hibooz pair of moccasins. They are so comfortable to wear, provide excellent protection against the elements, and are super cute. The only problem is that they are pricey.

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## Great Accessory

This is what makes these shoes stand out from the rest: the way that they are designed to look. You see, these shoes are actually made of real wood. The wood is crazy soft and flexible, and it gives these shoes a nice comfortable feel. Yes, they can be used as cross-soleed shoes, but they are also made to be lightweight and great for walking around in. The only downside to this is that they tend to wear out very quickly.

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## Simple But Effective Color Scheme

The color scheme for these shoes is so simple and effective. The red, white, and blue are my favorite colors. I love the fact that these shoes have a small, bright yellow heel and a more conventional brown heel. It gives these a vintage style that is definitely more my style than anything else.

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## Final Words

These are truly the most expensive pair of shoes fashionnowdays I have ever purchase. But the price is justified in the quality of the shoes. These shoes have excellent traction, comfort, and the perfect look for summer. When I purchased these in May, they were already at their 11 month mark. They have been used almost daily, and they have held up great. No Problems! These are the perfect pair of shoes for anyone looking for a classic, elegant shoe that is both  ,


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