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The Rights of Children

Children’s social skills develop rapidly during middle childhood. They are able to dress themselves, catch a ball, tie their shoes, and think about others’ feelings. They also become more independent, and begin to consider their future. These developmental milestones promote a child’s confidence in all aspects of their life. They also begin to focus on their friendships and teamwork

In the early stages of their life, children do not possess the capacity to make wise choices. These choices, which are often irreversible, influence their entire lives in the future. Consequently, children should not be denied their right to make choices. It is better to give them choices as early as possible. However, there are some preconditions that need to be met before they become eligible for such rights

Children are entitled to the right to be heard and to have their views considered. However, this right is not a substitute for liberty. The right to be heard is the only opportunity children have to make a difference in the decisions that will affect their lives. Despite the importance of listening to the opinions of children, a child’s opinion is of little value if it is not based on their own preferences

Children also have a right to privacy. The law must protect their home, family, communications, and reputation. Similarly, they should be able to exercise their right to freedom of religion. They should also be able to join groups and meet others. Children should have opportunities to participate in activities that are not harmful to their health

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